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Mental Health Tea Party 2018

A lot of us have mental health issues whether temporary or longer term and this is an area I am passionate about. For the past couple of years I've organised a mental health tea party to raise funds for the 'Food for the Brain Charity'. What I love about this is that the emphasis is on healthy food, rather than just cakes and lots of sugar which we see at some other charity events. Food and mood is linked, we need to talk the talk and walk the walk by supplying healthy food to people we care about. We still had cakes at the event (thank you to Penny for cooking!) but they are made with nutritious ingredients, and we had snacks based around fruit, vegetables and nuts. The social aspect is there too, people can chat and have a nice time without eating foods that might negatively affect them.

Action: If you are hosting an event and want some input then please get in touch. If you would like help with your diet you can contact me here for a free 15min discussion to find out how we can work together.


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