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Please use this form to get in touch, book an appointment or ask a question about the health & hart programmes!

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If you'd like to book a full appointment or organise an initial discussion so we can understand how I can help you, please use this form.

Thanks for submitting!

  1. Please include your phone number if you are serious about working with me, a lot of emails go to spam if I haven't emailed you before and you won't know I have replied. Therefore please give me your phone number as a backup option so I can check in with you if you don't send a reply to my email.  When you see my email, a quick reply from you would be really useful- Thanks! Please then add me to your 'safe list' on your email system.

  2. Consultations are via video at the moment (otherwise available in Berkshire & possibly London).

  3. Appointments mainly weekday daytime, with some early morning and evening availability.

  4. Children, your parent/guardian will need to accompany you.

  5. I'm not interested in multi-level marketing, as good as you tell me it might be!

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