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Rebalance - Women 40 to 55 years

Female community. Working together towards a common goal.

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This 4 week programme is designed to support female hormones as a woman transitions into the menopause.  This is around a third of a woman's life and deserves attention.

We don't have to accept that we will get all the symptoms going. There is a LOT you can do yourself!

At your age it's likely that you have had a busy life and now need to focus on YOU!  It's better to get started now, regain that energy to propel you forward!

This programme is going to teach you about how to do it.

"Hot flushes and night sweats stopped by day 17!" Sarah, participant.

Rebalance online 4 week group programme - Women aged 40 to 55y (approx...)

This is for you if you :

  • are aged 40 to 55y (or early menopause)

  • you need more energy for your sport, or more energy to get active

  • have perimenopause/menopause issues or want to reduce the chance of getting them

  • need to curb sugar and coffee addictions that keep you going

  • want to transition as gently as possible into the perimenopause and menopause phase

  • want to regain energy for life and exercise

  • would like to benefit from a bit of weight or body fat reduction

  • would love to feel grounded and confident, helping your mood

  • are ready to take control rather than be controlled

  • are ready to discover natural support and healthy eating

The 4 week Rebalance Plan includes:

  • A 28 day adaptable healthy eating plan that you need to follow.  Group advice along the way to prepare for the programme.

  •  This allows flexibility with shopping, diaries, getting started nerves and what life brings!

  • Recipes to motivate and try out new ideas

  • Shopping list

  • Booklet to assess your health & monitor progress, and to set goals

  • Food list, where to buy some new ingredients

  • Support pack with advice about lifestyle and expectations

  • OPTIONAL: Advanced Perimenopausal supplement pack aimed at women over 45, containing magnesium, flaxseed,
    broccoli and glutathione to support healthy hormone balance

The plan is NOT

  • a weight loss programme, however weightloss is an outcome for some ladies

  • a fast fix for hormones - aged 40y+ we have a lot of baggage!  It is about pointing you in the right direction

  • for complex health issues, please get in contact with me 

  • vegan  (the supplements contain non-vegan products) I can work with you in other ways though so please ask. It  
    emphasises a plant based diet, that includes good quality animal protein as desired.

"The programme stopped me'feeling on edge' so much and my sleep improved", Anon, participant  

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  • Access to a 4 week women only online group for coaching and motivation

  • 2 yoga classes posted on the group for you to do in your own time

  • Breathwork practices to try in your own time

  • Mini videos for when you want to educate yourself but are short on time

  • In depth videos for when you want more detail*

  • Opportunity for Q&A

  • Sport nutrition talk and tips

  • Advice to support digestive and adrenal (stress) health

  • Advice on scientific tests

  • Support from me (BANT Registered Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Coach) so you stay focused

  • Option to upgrade to 1-1 support

  • Access to Joanne's little black book of other people that can help

    *Videos/Webinars (recorded in the group. Some day and some evening to accommodate people)
    Wk 1 Getting started / Wk 2 Blood sugar and weight / Wk 3 Energy and recovery /Wk 4 Stress and resilience

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Salmon Breast

"Joanne shows dedication towards enhancing the nutrition and wellbeing of others", Bev Callender, Olympic athlete, teacher and coach

Dates:  November 11th, 2023 - but no worries if you can't login that day     



OPTION 1: Without supplements £250

OPTION 2: With supplements (pay by 25th October to get delivery) £350 


Small Print  - Terms

  1. If you are on medications or have a health condition then you will need to contact me before signing up.
    I have a screening process as there may be certain supplements that you cannot take with your medication or even
    certain foods.  If you have a health condition please
    talk to me before purchasing
    You are also advised to check with your GP.  


  2. Information provided is for education purposes and should not replace medical advice.

  3. Nutritional therapy is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

  4. Answers to questions in the group will be generic and all participants are encouraged and welcome to book
    a 1-1 consultation (additional cost).


  5. Refunds are not available after 2 weeks before the start date.

  6. Information will be available in the online group for up to 3 months, please understand that this may be out of
    my control and you are advised to make notes as the programme progresses.


  7.  As with all new processes, please be aware that there may be some circumstances where you decide to stop the
    supplements (if taken), slow down or have other issues that may 
    benefit from purchasing an additional product.

Join the Waitlist

I'll let add you to the mailing list and let you know about future programmes. You can also book a free review call, or try Beat the Belly!


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