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Yoga for flexibility, relaxation, stress relief and sports mobility.


Yoga for sore backs article

8th Oct, 2023. Meet me at the MIND fundraisers tent for yoga cooldowns at
The Royal Parks half marathon

I have taught yoga for over 15 years to a variety of levels of experience, and practised for over 25 years, including a stint in California!  The weekly classes are Hatha style, I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and do annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development).


Last year I studied yoga for mental health, this year I am furthering my studies in yoga for digestive health. I'm qualified in Restorative Yoga and have trained in yoga for scoliosis.

The students benefit from stretching, strengthening and relaxing.  We have a mix of women and men or all ages, including some keen cyclists and runners, office workers, Mums and people with busy lives.

Come and give it a go!

Joanne is also a Registered Nutritional Therapist/Registered Nutritionist (Details)

Friendly group yoga classes in

Wokingham on Tuesdays


Westende School

Seaford Rd


RG40 2EJ

7pm to 8pm


Please contact to book

£12 (series discount) pay in advance


'Joanne, there is one more thing I would like to say, and that is that I think you do a great job at these sessions. It took me a little while to 'get' what yoga is really about - relaxation, breathing and using these techniques to improve flexibility. After the first course I definitely feel the difference- at my age, forget the six packs - fitness is about maintaining motor capability! You have a nice style which allows everyone to run at their own speed and which also makes the session enjoyable' .

—  Allan

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