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Scientific Testing

At health & hart we deliver nutrition and resilience programmes by following the Functional Medicine Model. 


Scientific Laboratory Tests

Digestion, intolerance, energy generation, absorption, stress and metabolism are just a few of the areas that are serviced by scientific testing. At health & hart we deliver nutrition and resilience programmes by following the Functional Medicine Model. That means we're interested in your underlying systems rather than just the symptom you have. Laboratory tests can provide additional information to support your nutrition & resilience programme.


Here are some examples of tests that are available, please get in contact if you feel a test may be relevant for you. 

Adrenal Stress Tests

Adrenal stress tests usually involves a simple saliva test that you do at home, it provides an indication of the daily levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This is then interpreted alongside your health history and current health to further personalise your programme.


One of the popular tests, useful for you to know if your body is physically stressed, or not. Clients often like sharing the data with family and friends to get support. It gives you the impetus to make a change.

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Digestive Analysis

Digestive tests are done at your home and sent to the lab for analysis. The results are sent to me and I'll discuss the results with you. The results may indicate levels of gut bacteria, how your digestive system is functioning and the presence of unwanted guests.  A digestive test might be relevant even if it's not digestive concerns you have, that's because a high proportion of your immune system is located in your gut and this might influence your health in other areas.   

I am also a trained health professional for Map My Gut and can order and interpret the test for you.

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Food Intolerance and Allergies

I have access to a variety of food, intolerance and allergy tests and can discuss these with you. The outcome of a test might be that you need or choose to avoid that food for a short time, you may decide to permanently avoid it, or you may need some work to optimise your digestive system which may make it more resilient to foods.  Common allergens include dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat and soya. Food reactions you may have heard about include IgG, IgE and gluten intolerance.  


The gold standard of food testing is an elimination and challenge process and we can guide you on this process if it is preferable to doing a test. There are many alternative foods to eat and we can help you find nutritious and tasty options if you feel or discover a food does not suit you.


The advantage of seeing me for a consultation is that I can advise you on the pros and cons of the food test. This is more in depth and isn't the 10 min chat you will have in the health food store or the promise that a food test will fix all your problems. There is much more to nutritional therapy and food testing than meets the eye so please allow the time to find out more.

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Additional Investigations

DNA Genetic testing for Fitness/Diet - Please contact me to get details about this genetic DNA test.


If you have already done the test then I can help to you to interpret it and create a personalised plan. The test gives your predisposition to things such as coeliac, lactose tolerance, vitamin D and detoxification efficiency.  The environment then interacts, and that's where what you eat, drink and do come in.

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Nordic Laboratories - including DNA Life

Genova Diagnostics


Invivo diagnostics


and others.

Doctors Data

I am registered/work with these laboratories.

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