Testimonials & Feedback

Here are some comments from a diverse range of clients, with a range of optimum health and perfomance goals.

George, Exercise Physiologist: Marathon Runner


I contacted Joanne during my preparation for a number of running, cycling and swimming events in 2018.


My first event was the Big Half in London in March (half marathon). For the first time I had trained properly, I had not suffered any injuries and very importantly, I carbloaded during the week leading to the race. I felt fantastic and I was happy with my performance. The new approach was paying off.


Next stop was the London Marathon and training was still on track but there were days when I felt sluggish during my runs and I felt very tired the next day. It was quickly obvious that the last piece of the puzzle was my nutrition. I decided to go it alone for the London Marathon and to then start getting advice from Joanne ahead of the next marathon in Edinburgh. With hindsight I should have not gone the “do-it-yourself" route as I ended up bloated and worried ahead of the race. The result was not bad at all, especially given the hot conditions in London, but Edinburgh was my attempt to a personal best and I was not going to take any risks.


Joanne is a great communicator and she shares with her clients a wealth of information. The level at which she explains the importance of her recommendations is tailored appropriately to her audience, which in my 14 year experience as a university lecturer is one of the most important elements of educating someone. Joanne gave me information that made sense and suggestions that were easy to implement. She understood both my starting point and the nutritional implications of my athletic goals and she effectively adjusted and guided my eating habits. Soon after my first contact with Joanne I started feeling fresh during even my toughest interval runs, and my gastrointestinal tract was somehow rejuvenated. I truly felt healthier and happier.


My runs were more enjoyable and this allowed me to gather lots of confidence in my running. The week before my race in Edinburgh I had a good chat with Joanne who gave me a carloading plan and a race-day nutrition plan. What a difference! I hit a high carbohydrate percentage without relying on all the foods that gave me the bloating before London and I completed my last few runs on strong legs. On race day all the pieces fell in the right place. I had trained hard, I stayed healthy, the weather was good and my body felt energised and ready to perform as planned. I beat my London time by a massive 14 minutes and
my personal best by a whole 4 minutes. At the age of 48 this was a fantastic achievement for me, and it was one in which Joanne played a key role.


As an exercise physiologist myself I always thought that I had enough knowledge to manage my nutrition alone, but at this level, I could not be further away from the truth. Even with my background Joanne gave me a substantial amount of advice on what to eat and how to combine nutrients. I would recommend Joanne to anyone who is involved in any kind of activity that aims to improve their health or their athletic ability. Thank you Joanne!


Dr George Balanos, MSc, DPhil (Oxon)

Exercise Physiologist

Here’s how I changed my eating habits to suit my training and dropped over a stone & a dress size over the course of a month.  

I train about 5 days a week, mostly running & swimming but had signed up to my first supersprint tri so had started adding in some cycling and circuits, too. I decided to try Joanne’s 14 day eating plan for ravenous athletes for a number of reasons; I’d read a rave review from a previous client, I wanted to shift some weight to get my running times down, I wanted some variety in the meals I was cooking and I wanted snacking ideas for my extremely ravenous & active boys.  Lots of good reasons to give the plan a go and with a support group, I thought it sounded worth a shot.  

There was just the right amount of nutrition information to be informative without needing a degree to interpret it all.  I’ve felt energetic during training.  I upped my training during the plan to train for my first supersprint tri. I was a bit apprehensive that I would feel different as my diet changed, but in fact I’ve had no problems at all in adjusting intensity and frequency of training and with Joanne’s help have actually adjusted my meals to fit my training better. 

In short, the plan was extremely good value for money and I would recommend it to all.  I’ve achieved all the goals I set to and got a few bonuses, too.  I would be very happy to answer questions on this plan from a participant’s point of view. 

Oh, and I came first in my age group in my very first supersprint tri :o)

Beth Davies, Ravenous Athlete


Nutrition Suppport Alongside a High Intensity Training Period

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joanne, who applied her extensive knowledge to optimising my health during a high intensity training period throughout which recovery and performance were vital. With an approachable and enthusiastic personality, she helped by suggesting nutritional alternatives that were within my 'liked foods' so that we could minimise the changes I needed to make with consideration to my timetable, food choices and training patterns. Without Joanne's help, I wouldn't have achieved what I have this year.  I competed in the Intelligent Sport UK Challenge - a four day event involving running, biking and canoeing in Snowdonia (coupled with my job as a spin instructor and working towards my first Crossfit competition - this Saturday just gone). My team won the Grand Prix event in the UK Challenge and came 2nd overall and my team for the Crossfit competition was the highest placed team from Reading to enter”.

Kelly Vaughan

Personalised Advice - The Missing Piece

Before I met Joanne I'd read a lot on diet and health and had already made changes to my diet but I was still not feeling well and felt I was missing something. I answered a very in depth questionnaire which was followed by a thorough discussion about my symptoms, diet, lifestyle etc. She quickly identified a specific issue that was significantly impacting my health. The dietary changes she suggested has made a huge difference and I am now able to function more normally. I found Joanne to be very knowledgeable and highly motivated to help me improve my health and I am very grateful for all her help and advice.   

                                                                                            Dr P


Nutrition for Athletes

"Joanne shows dedication towards enhancing the nutrition and well-being of others. Through the recommendations she makes with regard to sports nutrition this becomes a reality.  Alongside her considerable scientific knowledge is her genuine desire to understand the needs of the individual. Her consultations provide food for thought and instills a desire to make positive changes. I thoroughly recommend her".

Bev Callender, Olympic Athlete,
Teacher & UK Athletics Coach

Personalised Nutrition - Rugby Players and Fitness Clients

"Joanne has worked with a number of clients for me, I’ve found her to be very professional and able to offer expertise as well as practical ideas.  I am happy to recommend her and continue working with her".

James Haskell (Rugby Player, England & Wasps)



... A great motivator and she is very knowledgeable about nutrition.

"My eating habits have completely changed and I no longer see this as a diet, it is now a way of life. It's amazing how a few tweaks to my diet really has improved my health and well being. I have completely quit my caffeine addiction and as a result I am sleeping so much better than before and no longer have headaches every morning. I have more energy to keep up with my 2 young children and because my blood sugar is balanced I am less prone to hormonal outbursts! Joanne has been a great motivator and she is very knowledgeable about nutrition. She really is interested in helping you achieve your goals whether it's weight loss or if you just want to feel better about yourself".

 Vicki Wright.




..sustainable & manageable changes..

"I saw Joanne earlier this year for some nutritional advice. She was very thorough & took the time to understand my requirements. She offered lots of sound advice & useful hints & tips as to how to make sustainable & manageable changes. I have definitely seen & experienced the benefits of her wisdom! Thank you Joanne".

Sarah Leach, Owner & Coach at STRIDE Coaching & Consulting



..how to get the best from food..

"I found that I could eat all the foods I always had but in a slightly different way. Jo is great at educating you on how to get the best from your food, how to energise yourself, lose weight, all without feeling hungry. I would whole-heartedly recommend".

Rachel Bradley, Jonbradley photography



Lots of Practical Suggestions

"Thank you very much for doing the talk. For me, the fact that you included lots of practical suggestions for how to put all of the information to good use was really useful".


Jamie, Bracknell Forest Running Club

"Joanne Hart was a guest speaker on nutrition here at the college for the level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport at our college (Bracknell and Wokingham College). She delivered an interesting and valuable 2 hour lesson on the various roles in the nutrition industry before moving on to the students course requirements of the glycaemic value of foods their impact on health and performance. The session involved ICT engaging students with various tasks and questions demonstrating excellent subject knowledge and a spark for teaching. She also brought in food products to support the theory with practical examples to aid students understanding. Joanne was very professional throughout and prepared well to meet the needs of the students for the session. As a result we are trying to get her in to teach the nutrition module next year if possible".


Stephen Tranter, Sport Lecturer, Bracknell & Wokingham College. Berkshire

" I would just like to thank you again for all your support and advice duing our time together.  There is no doubt that the changes have and will continue to help me manage/improve my health."

Anon, Berkshire (One to one nutrition. Hormonal balance and stress management)


"I'm going to plan healthier snacks for now and when my training starts.  I had not realised for example that to get the nutritional benefits from nuts, that you don't have to eat loads of them!"

John, Burnham Joggers



"Joanne joined me in our Autumn Pre-Marathon Preparation talk which as a Coach at Burnham Joggers AC I offer to beginners and experienced runners every year.  Joanne with her in-depth knowledge of nutrition brought a new aspect to our training by discussing how to prepare our bodies for the rigors of the marathon training and how to support our bodies after hard training runs to aid recovery by eating a good diet.  Feedback was very good from the group, runners have quickly taken up Joanne's advice of post run nutritious snacks - Many thanks Jo for helping to make the evening successful".

Patricia, Burnham Joggers AC Running Coach



"I found maintaining a three day food diary a real eye opener - it really made me think about what I eat. The follow up and analysis session was great and gave me lots of simple ideas for improving my diet.  Since then I have stuck to the changes and definitely feel better for it. Thank you for all your help and advice! I recently got a PB at Reading with a combination of new training, core work and the focus on my diet!"

Dave Perret, Training for London marathon.

"I have diagnosed health issues and have been struggling to keep weight off me for the last 6 years! I went into the programme being sceptical and I was reformed from the moment I started losing weight. I lost a total of 5.5 kgs in five weeks! The puffiness on my face is gone and my skin tone has improved! Some people have started noticing the difference and this is doing a lot of good to my self esteem and motivation levels. I am thrilled and enthused all the more because I am able to provide more nutritious and balanced meals for my family. Overall I would recommend it to anybody who asks me the secret to my well-being! Last but not the least.. I have had the experience of working with a wonderful coach, who is approachable, positive and well-informed!"

Sonalina, Weight loss and wellness


"Thanks very much for today. I found it inspiring.  Can't wait to get stuck in with the new ideas and the on-line ordering."

Anon, London (One-one nutrition.  Energy optimisation and weight management)



"As a typical runner I always thought my main focus within my diet was eating carbs.  I had as session with Jo prior to running the London Marathon last year and it became clear I was eating the wrong foods. I upped my protein to help with muscle repair and recovery, and introduced omega 3 into my diet.  As much as it pained my I reduced my sugar intake which helped with my afternoon dips and replaced it with healthier snacks.  I ended up running a PB in my marathon too!"

Alex, Bracknell Forest Runners



"'Joanne was a running coach for my Lady Bugs beginners' running group. With her excellent motivation and inspiration they each reached their goals and gained extra tips about nutrition for runners. The majority of the group re-renrolled or moved onto the next level.'

Karen Burles. Elite Conditioning. 

Sporty GP Kate achieves PB and more!

After suffering a stress fracture through over training and under fuelling in 2017, I found Joanne and booked a 1-2-1 consultation to see if there was anything in my nutrition plan I could improve… as a sporty GP I thought I knew it all and was sceptical, but it turns out med school doesn’t teach you everything!


Even after 90 minutes with Joanne I learnt how restricted my diet was, leading to hormone imbalance and low immunity.  It was also a massive wake up call as to how my daily stresses were impacting on my overall health.

Since working with Joanne I have introduced much more to my diet, overhauled my supplements and even applied to start studying lifestyle medicine.  I have more energy and get sick less, and I’m pleased to say I’m fully recovered from my fracture and have some huge PBs this season with Challenge Prague 70.3 (47 minute PB). 

Bring on ITU Worlds in September!

                                                                                                                                                                    Kate Robinson, GP