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Nutrition Programmes

Based in Berkshire and online, I offer 1-1 nutritional therapy consultations, which involve taking a full health history and the use of the Functional Medicine which was the core of my BSc (Hons) degree training.



I offer a selection of programmes  and the best way to find out more is to book a call with me CONTACT

As I am a qualified yoga teacher too, and trained in NLP coaching, I might suggest some other ideas to you. I will regularly recommend scientific tests as part of the nutrition process if I think they would be worthwhile, these are optional.​

Functional Medicine considers each of our underlying body systems and how they interact with each other. The aim is to achieve optimum health and peak performance.

What's included

Over a number of consultations we can include a combination of the list below tailored to your needs.


If I do not mention something in this list but it is important to you then please let me know during the consultation.

  • Initial consultation to review health history and agree goals.

  • Food recommendations

  • Advice on shopping

  • Advice on recipes

  • Advice on eating out, making healthy choices at work

  • For sports: Advice about your general day to day diet, and what to eat around sport. (Sports nutrition)

  • Scientific test recommendations (if appropriate)*

  • Supplement recommendations (if appropriate)*

  • Follow up meetings 

  • GP letter (if needed) - may be an additional cost

  • Practical suggestions

  • I can talk to you about yoga and other techniques for building resilience

  • Motivation!

  • Additional costs include optional supplements, optional scientific tests, test interpretation, and a consultation to include reviewing test results. There may also be a fee if you ask me to talk to another professional about your case or to refer you on.   

*Tests and supplements are an additional cost, you are not obliged to use them. Many clients find them useful. Some., not all of the test and supplements companies pay me a fee which I put towards CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Are you an ideal client?

Clients see me for digestive issues, stress, resilience, mood, energy, hormone balancing, weight management, special diets and much more. These clients can have diagnosed health issues and be on medication, or be self managing issues and they want some nutritional advice .

I also see many clients who regard themselves as healthy but understand that they can learn more and achieve higher performance levels in work and sport.  We can use health history, genetic tests and scientific tests to provide information about how your body systems are working.

Another group of clients I see are those that want ideas about food, motivation or to confirm what they already know or adjust what they do.

Another way to learn from me is to invite me to talk at an employee or team day.

What interests you?

  • Advice about food

  • Scientific tests

  • Advice on body measurements

  • Mindfulness and Yoga Recommendations

  • Motivation

  • Help to reach a goal

  • Something else?

Consultation process

When you book a consultation I will send you a health questionnaire, this asks you about your current health, past health, medications, food habits, likes and dislikes. I ask about your goals or what you're aiming for, and we'll discuss this more when we meet.

We meet and I ask you more questions, I can then recommend a nutrition strategy which will include food and probably some lifestyle suggestions.  I recommend professional supplements and scientific testing such as a stool test, saliva test, metabolism tests or blood tests. These will incur an additional cost, or a visit to your GP for a simple blood test.  I don't make assumptions on your budget and will generally recommend these if I think they are appropriate. You are under no obligation to use these, many clients find them very useful though and the tests can help us both focus in on what needs to be addressed.

We continue to review progress, fine tune and add in new strategies. Some clients worry that they haven't done all of the changes but hey that's ok, life gets in the way! You may have come to the realisation that you want just 1 or you want 10 things to change, I want you to help me understand where you are at, so we work from that place.  

Ongoing we carry on with consultations to focus on your end goal. There is also the possibility of coaching to help with your goals, and yoga to help with the mind, flexibility and stress.  While you may experience improvements after a few weeks, it may take several months to see a lasting change and I offer a personalised programme to suit your needs. Please note that I cannot make any guarantees about what will change for you.

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