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Are you a Ravenous Athlete?

Ravenous Athletes are ravenous for food and ravenous for knowledge.

You're a sporty person, weekend warrior, dedicated athlete, runner, cyclist, triathlete, ultra runner, netball player, tennis player, gym goer, yogi and more...

We hang out at the FREE The Ravenous Athlete Facebook group.

A community for sporty people, an opportunity to share your knowledge, to ask your questions and interact with experts such as founder Joanne Hart. You can post a photo of your lunch or breakfast (styled or as it comes!) and be safe in the knowledge that other people are interested. Recent topics have included carb loading, the facts about eggs, recipe ideas and how much iron and protein does an athlete need,

Avoid #FOMO

I also use the group as a place to share my events such as a recent successful Curry and Nutrition Supper. Summer Cooking for Ravenous Athletes, webinars, Yoga workshops and Online courses.

It's the place to be if you don't want #FOMO (Fear of missing out!)



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