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Beginners -  New to yoga

​Brand new, practiced online or still calling yourself a beginner after 10 years?


You're welcome to join us.​​​


Things to know:​


  1. Bring a yoga mat, (a gym mat or a blanket will be fine at the beginning). 

  2. Wear loose layers, like T-shirts and sweatshirts,  Shorts and leggings or tracksuit bottoms.

  3. Yoga is done in bare feet, or get some non slip socks.

  4. Bring a hair band if your long hair will get in the way.

  5. We operate a quiet environment, please switch off your phone and anything that beeps or vibrates.

  6. Please arrive on time. If you are a regular and late to class on the odd occasion then it is best to enter after the first relaxation (please ask me).

  7. There is a toilet just off the hall, and free parking outside.


​​​Enquire here​

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