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"Want a protein bar that actually tastes good?'

That’s the title in the newspaper and it got my attention. We know how important protein is for building muscle and recovering, to run faster, lift heavier and hit harder!

Lots of people who are serious about their health and fitness will work with me whilst working with a PT.

The PT tells them they need more protein and it leaves the individual ‘chasing the macros’ and hunting out the protein and carbs.

That’s when people fall into the protein bar trap. It’s hardly their fault when the gym, magazines and friends are selling their benefits, maybe even the products. The labels say ‘20g’ protein. What’s not to like?

❌Those protein bars need something to stick them together, generally a highly ultra processed syrup like glucose or rice syrup.

❌They have artificial sweeteners because they’re trying to keep the carbohydrate level down, or want to say ‘no added sugar’.

❌They’ve sometimes got colours, flavours and emulsifiers. Those might be affecting our gut and therefore overall health.

That’s when I help out with personalised advice. I can’t walk round with you feeding you protein all day but I can help you understand what’s best for you and coach you to get there.

For example:

✅If you’ve got gut issues maybe some bars are better than others

✅If you’re veggie I can help you get your protein up with easy tips

✅I can run blood tests and other tests for you, to get some facts not fiction about what nutrition you need

✅I can help you track your body composition and tailor your food.

✅If cholesterol, sustainability, gut health, mood, stress or something else is your focus then I work flexibly with you.

No meal plans here.

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