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BOOST your energy!

Helping sporty & active people keep
training, leading and smiling.

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Boost your Energy! 


Are you lacking the energy, health or knowledge to train effectively, perform at work and have energy for play?

It could be nutritional deficiencies, eating at the wrong time, food that doesn't suit you, overtraining and under fuelling, a health niggle or diagnosed issue.

If you're looking for someone to help you with the underlying issues rather than a short term fix. THEN YOU'RE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!

If you're already in a good place and want to focus on performance then we can use some tests to get data and fine tune what you do.

If you want efficient and practical advice, personalised for you THEN YOU'RE DEFINETLY IN THE RIGHT PLACE!


Simply book a free 'meet me' call below, or message me. I'll send you a video invitation, we'll meet and I'll ask you some questions. You'll find out how I work.  Once you sign up I'll guide you through the process and we'll focus on your priorities,

Looking forward to meeting you!

Joanne, BANT Registered Nutritionist ® , Registered Nutritional Therapist (CNHC), Yoga Teacher (BWY) and Coach (MAC)
BSc(Hons), BEng(Hons), BWY (Dip).


How can I help you?

Helping sporty and active people to have more energy, resilience and motivation to keep doing what you love! Practical and efficient, 10y + experience.

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Happy Clients

'Joanne shows dedication towards enhancing the nutrition and well-being of others. Through the recommendations she makes with regard to sports nutrition this becomes a reality.  I thoroughly recommend her'

Bev Callender, Olympic Athlete,

Teacher & UK Athletics Coach

'Joanne has worked with a number of clients for me, I’ve found her to be very professional and able to offer expertise as well as practical ideas.  I am happy to recommend her'

James Haskell (Rugby Player, England & Wasps)

'I found that I could eat all the foods I always had but in a slightly different way. Jo is great at educating you on how to get the best from your food, how to energise yourself, lose weight, all without feeling hungry. I would whole-heartedly recommend'

Rachel Bradley, Jonbradley photography

Follow me @J_healthandhart

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