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Terms and Conditions 15.05.24

  1. Not suitable for pregnancy, diabetes type 1, cancer, those with eating disorders or kidney disease.

  2. If you have health conditions or take medications you need to contact your doctor before starting this programme.

  3. No refunds unless Beat the Belly is cancelled.

  4. You agree to joining the Health and Hart mailing list, and to also receive emails during Beat the Belly.

  5. Beat the Belly is for adults aged 18 years and above.

  6. Information provided is for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice.

  7. The yoga is intended for people who have already practiced yoga, if you have not then you should check your suitability with your health practitioner. If you have injuries then you need to check with a qualified yoga teacher or health practitioner before doing yoga.

  8. You need access to Facebook to access the materials via the group, which includes the webinars. 

  9. 1-1 support can be provided via additional services, please contact Joanne to find out more about this at any stage, before, during or after the programme.


  1. Can children do this?  The group and challenge is for adults, I can work with young adults on a 1-1 basis and have successfully helped many young athletes and sporty teenagers.   You can of course share the recipes and learning with your family.

  2. I follow a special diet, will this be suitable for me?  Please get in touch via the contact page and we can discuss this.   There will be a mixture of animal based protein and vegetarian recipes.  Many recipes could be made vegan or gluten free.

  3. I don't have much time to cook, will I be cooking all the time?   I know some people love to cook and some don't or you're just short on time.  If you follow the principles in the book you can assemble simple meals from wholefoods and we'll discuss this in the group.

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