Joanne is a member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy), the professional organisation for Nutritional Therapists. Membership is only available to those with a high level of nutrition training and presentation of a detailed clinical record log of practical and assessed consultations.  Continued membership requires annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and insurance.  All BANT members are required to be a member of CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) a government regulated organisation.


BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) has similar standards for CPD and professionalism and is recognised as the foremost yoga regulator in the UK.  Training is equivalent to 500 hours.  Joanne has taught yoga for over 5 years in the UK, and in California.


MAC (Member of the Association for Coaching).  The Association of Coaching is a well recognised UK coaching organisation and Joanne's membership is based on extensive coaching hours, applicable training including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Training) and employer management training.  Coaching hours were gained in a professional role at Mars and in voluntary work in America before starting Nutritional Therapy training.  There was additional coaching and NLP training and experience during the Nutritional Therapy degree training.

Professional Recognition.   BANT & CNHC, BWY, MAC.

Terms of Use

The information on this website or given as part of the consultation process does not replace medical advice.
As part of the consultation process you'll be asked to sign a terms of agreement document to confirm your understanding.

Nutritional Therapy, Coaching, Yoga and NLP does not replace medical advice. Your GP is responsible for your health and you will be asked to supply their details so we can communicate with them.   We can work alongside your GP (and other healthcare professionals or your sports coach) and you will get visibility of any letters we send to them.  We often send a courtesy letter, and can also ask the GPif they will consider certain tests on your behalf. 


  • Cancellation of a consultation with less than 24 hours (working days) will incur a 50% charge.

  • When a series of sessions (programme) is booked e.g. Two consultations, then the second must be booked and taken within three months of the first, unless stated in writing by the Therapist.

  • Payment is before consultations via internet bank transfer or cheque.    Staged payment is available under some circumstances, please ask.

  • Nutritional Therapy makes use nutritional supplements and functional laboratory testing.  These incur an additional fee and are optional tools that many clients find beneficial.  Your therapist shares a discount with you on professional supplements and makes a small commission .  Some laboratory companies pay the therapist a small interpretation fee which covers the time and research needed to understand your test results.

  • Nutrient and drug interactions can occur.  It is your responsibility to update your therapist about your medication, herbal products, and use of hormones or over the counter medicine.  

Terms of Contract
  • Your needs: Please help your therapist to understand your needs.  For example if you have hearing issues, are particularly anxious, or too low in energy to attend a face-face consultation then please state so.  We will aim to work with you, if this is not possible then we may need to refer you to another practitioner.

  • Your therapist may refer you to other health professionals, holistic practitioners or talking therapies if they feel these may be of benefit with you.  It is your choice if you would like to use these options. 

  • Nutritional Therapy, Coaching and Yoga do not replace counselling or medical services.  It can work alongside.  Please make your therapist aware if you are having other professional help.

Your Needs