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Nutrient timing

for sport.

Personalised system needs: Optimum health




Based in Berkshire *, sport nutrition consultations and scientific tests are available for:

  • Professional sportsmen and women.

  • Those aiming to enter professional sport.

  • Recreational athletes.

  • People training for a personal or corporate challenge.

  • Anyone who enjoys sport.

  • Anyone who knows that they don't know it all, and would value some help!

"As an exercise physiologist myself I always thought that I had enough knowledge to manage my nutrition alone, but at this level, I could not be further away from the truth. Even with my background Joanne gave me a substantial amount of advice on what to eat and how to combine nutrients. I would recommend Joanne to anyone who is involved in any kind of activity that aims to improve their health or their athletic ability. Thank you Joanne!"                                       Full testimonial


Dr George Balanos, MSc, DPhil (Oxon)

Exercise Physiologist

NOTE: I do not work with clients with diagnosed eating disorders, please contact your GP for support. 

RED-S (Relative energy deficiency in sport) - if you feel that this may be relevant to you through under fuelling, over training or for some other reason then please get in touch to discuss how I may help you.

Nutrition for Athletes

"Joanne shows dedication towards enhancing the nutrition and well-being of others. Through the recommendations she makes with regard to sports nutrition this becomes a reality.  Alongside her considerable scientific knowledge is her genuine desire to understand the needs of the individual. Her consultations provide food for thought and instills a desire to make positive changes. I thoroughly recommend her".

Bev Callender (Olympic Athlete)
Teacher & UK Athletics Coach

Personalised Nutrition - Rugby Players and Fitness Clients​

"Joanne has worked with a number of clients for me, I’ve found her to be very professional and able to offer expertise as well as practical ideas.  I am happy to recommend her and continue working with her".

James Haskell (Rugby Player, England & Wasps)

Nutrition Suppport Alongside a High Intensity Training Period

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joanne, who applied her extensive knowledge to optimising my health during a high intensity training period throughout which recovery and performance were vital. With an approachable and enthusiastic personality, she helped by suggesting nutritional alternatives that were within my 'liked foods' so that we could minimise the changes I needed to make with consideration to my timetable, food choices and training patterns. Without Joanne's help, I wouldn't have achieved what I have this year.  I competed in the Intelligent Sport UK Challenge - a four day event involving running, biking and canoeing in Snowdonia (coupled with my job as a spin instructor and working towards my first Crossfit competition - this Saturday just gone). My team won the Grand Prix event in the UK Challenge and came 2nd overall and my team for the Crossfit competition was the highest placed team from Reading to enter”

Kelly Vaughan

Sports Nutrition for the London Marathon

"I found maintaining a three day food diary a real eye opener - it really made me think about what I eat. The follow up and analysis session was great and gave me lots of simple ideas for improving my diet.  Since then I have stuck to the changes and definitely feel better for it. Thank you for all your help and advice! I recently got a PB at Reading with a combination of new training, core work and the focus on my diet!"

Dave Perret, Training for London marathon

Sport nutrition consultations give you access to:

  • 1-1 Focused attention.

  • Food recommendations.

  • Scientific testing, including bloodwork and stool tests.

  • Genetic testing.

  • Professional supplement recommendations (including Informed Sport products).

  • Motivation.

  • Yoga mobility and relaxation advice available.


If this sounds like what  you need or you would like to investigate further then please contact me via the Contact Form, or email



health & hart uses the Functional Sports Nutrition Approach, a combination of nutrition science, nutritional therapy, personalised sport nutrition and the functional medicine model. That means considering your underlying system needs and then applying layers of nutrition for you and your sport.  Joanne has a First Class science degree and has done additional sport nutrition training.


 You're a unique individual and I'll work with you to support your needs and goals. More Testimonials.

*Skype consultations available under some circumstances.