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Many top sportsmen and sportswomen work with a team of support experts including nutrition experts.  Within their training regimes and goals they realise the importance of nutrition and how small fine tuning might help them gain a competitive edge.


Sport places demands on the body and could be leading to imbalance.  Do you recognise the signs?  Perhaps recurrent colds, injury, digestive issues, stress, fatigue, low motivation, weight concerns or hormonal issues.   How are these impacting your training or performance ability?

Nutrient timing

for sport.

Personalised system needs: Optimum health




Towards Peak Performance and Optimum Health:

health & hart Functional Sports Nutrition Approach


health & hart uses the Functional Sports Nutrition Approach,that means considering your underlying system needs and then applying layers of nutrition for you and your sport.   You're a unique individual with your own needs and goals and we'll work with you from wherever you are starting. 

Sport Programmes



  • SPORT Number 1  - Peak Performer
    For athletes working towards a new challenge or personal best such as a marathon or half marathon.
    Click here


  • SPORT 2 - Health Optimiser
    For athletes of all levels with issues affecting performance.  Such as digestive issues, immune issues, fatigue, motivation, injury, hormonal or sleep issues.  Click here


  • SPORT 4 All  - New Beginnings Athlete
    For new, beginner or returning athletes.  Whether a 5K, first marathon, sponsored walk, sprint triathlon or because you're joining the local football or netball team.  You'd like to be in the best health to enjoy the experience.  Click here




Sport Programmes