The Ravenous Reboot 2021

Joanne Hart, BSc (Hons). Registered Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher.

🌟The Ravenous Reboot 2021 4 week programme, starts Jan 15th!

- Do you want to get back on track after Christmas?

- Do you want to tackle sugar cravings?

- Maybe lose some fat from around the middle?

- Re-energise?

- Want to learn strategies to chill out, build resilience and help with emotions?

- Fuel your day and sport?

Previously the programme has been for 2 weeks, but now in 2021 it is for 4 weeks! It's all optional so you do what suits you.

NEW! - Week 1 - Preparation week and coaching

I’m going to give you more help with reducing caffeine, sugar and substitutions for food you miss.

- Preparation is also about getting the right frame of mind and about addressing stress and resilience

NEW! There will be 3 online Yoga classes (worth £27) throughout the programme (Wednesdays 8pm).

There will be Breathwork and help with goal setting, building resilience and managing emotions through yoga/mindfulness.

All optional but recommended!

- In week 1 you’ll be able to get your cupboards sorted, do your shopping and plan week 2 and 3

- You can start to slowly change your eating (and drinking!) habits

- I’m going to give you a NEW! health checklist so you can determine what you want or need to focus on.

- You’ll also get some help with how to measure and monitor your progress.

Week 2 & 3 - Food plan and coaching

- This is when you’ll follow the 14 day plan in the book. You get recipes and a shopping list.

- You can follow the plan or just use the guidelines from the book and create your own meals.

- The professionally designed booklet you get is about 40 pages

- During these weeks I will be there to give group coaching and answer questions about the plan. - This is tried and tested by at least a couple of other groups who have done the plan before! - If you follow a special diet you need to talk to me in advance to see if this is suitable.

NEW! Week 4 - More group coaching in the Facebook group

- A chance to review what worked, and what didn’t.

- Choose which recipes you are going to include in your ongoing repertoire!

- You can review the checklist and your progress, I’ll use the results from the group to then talk about what else you might like to try.

- Some of you will want to repeat week 2 and 3 recipes or use it as catch-up time.

-I’ll also provide some expert viewpoints about nutrition topics - such as reasons for getting private blood checks done, sleep, digestive health and hormones (Actual topics TBC).

Plus – You have my attention for 4 weeks in the special Reboot group and while I can’t answer personal health 1-1 questions without a consultation (message me if you want to book one), I can help with food ideas and nutrition information!!

ALL OF THIS FOR THE SAME PRICE AS 2020 - £49 Earlybird until January 9th, and then £99.

Booking here Reboot2021 | healthandhart

(Please read the small print about medical conditions, refunds etc below and on the payment page, and get in touch in advance if you need to. I need to set my own boundaries to manage stress too!)

Questions - please ask! If you've done the programme before then it is the same booklet yes, same cost but you get an additional 2 weeks of my time, yoga classes, breathwork and some new handouts and you know how good it was last time!



- Yoga classes are not recorded

- To take part in the yoga you'll need to fill in a brief health form that I will send you once we start the programme, I need it returned at least 24 hours before the yoga class.

- Communication is via Facebook - so you need a Facebook account

- Special diets - you need to ask me before booking, there may be an additional cost for a meal plan or I will suggest 1-1 consultations instead.

- It isn't a vegan plan

- Sorry, no refunds once you have signed up.

- Please read the disclaimer below


The information provided is general and has not been tailored to participants' individual underlying health concerns or any prescription medication they may be taking. You may book a personalised nutritional therapy consultation with me to consider further your individual needs in support of the group work.

· The information is for educational purposes and should not replace medical advice.

· If you have a diagnosed medical condition, you should consult a doctor before making any significant changes to your diet.

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