Recharging your Batteries! #Ripple2021 Jan 9th

Joanne Hart BSc, BANT Registered Nutritionist, & BWY Yoga Teacher

I'm excited to have been invited to talk at this event on January 9th. Masterminded by Chris Hunt, The Fundamental Coach who has brought together over 20 speakers at this FREE online event.

I'm going to talk about Recharging your Batteries, making use of both my nutrition and yoga knowledge. You can then learn more by signing up to my Reboot 2021

I'll be helping you understand what might be draining your physical and mental energy and what you can do to build yourself back up!

Put 4.30pm, 9th Jan in your diaries.

You need to register beforehand:

...and while you do that be sure to take a look at my Ravenous Reboot 2021 (previous blog and 4 week programme to address energy, get back on track after Christmas, and to learn strategies to chill out and build resilience.

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