Pub Walk and Sunday Lunch

The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) says that diet, exercise and relaxation should have equivalent importance in our lives. I use the IFM approach in Nutritional Therapy consultations when investigating the underlying body systems to find out what may be out of balance, for example that might be our digestion or our hormones. Whatever we talk about, we often discuss exercise and relaxation.

For my birthday this year we combined a pub walk with a pub meal and then went home for a rest. I think that's what they mean!

The Pot Kiln is in Yattendon, Berkshire and it's about 40 minutes from the M4 down lots of country roads. The pub has been on Countrywise and is owned by the chef Mike Robinson. The speciality is game which has been shot in the local area.

We proceeded the pub lunch with a circular walk, it was very muddy and I wondered how long until I got trench foot. We dodged the cows, stream and mud to return to our well deserved lunch. It's a lovely walk because there's a variety of scenery. It started off in a wood, then we walked alongside the fast flowing and really clear River Pang, through a field, past some cows, past a church, up a hill, across a field and back to the pub!

We enjoyed lunch and a glass of wine, and then went home for a rest.

The moral of the story is that good healthy food, exercise, fresh air and relaxation are a healthy combination.

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