Happy Chinese New Year! - No porridge today!

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome in the year of the monkey.

One of the Chinese superstitions is to not eat porridge on New Year's Day. Porridge is for the poor people and eating it today may lead to a poor year.


If you did have some today, then hopefully you're not superstitious or maybe you had it for the great benefits, Porridge is cheap, fast to make and easy to digest. It keeps us full as it has good levels of fibre. The fibre is known as a beta-glucan, its been linked to lowering cholesterol levels and supporting the immune system. Oats also contain anti-oxidant compounds that support a healthy heart, antioxidants help to protect the cholesterol from oxidising. When cholesterol oxidises is blocks arteries and restricts blood flow. Oats are also a good source of magnesium, needed for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body and for supporting the relaxation of muscles and the mind.

Another thing to note is that the Chinese porridge is probably made from rice, so if you did have oat porridge today then maybe you will have a rich year ahead. Just believe it,


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