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DNA Genetic Tests A couple of weeks ago I did a DNA genetic test focused on fitness. The test analyses a sample of saliva and reveals genetic differences known as ‘SNP’, pronounced ‘snips’ that make me who I am. It’s the SNPs that give you your hair colour for example. This report focuses on just those SNP that can be linked to fitness.

From a performance level it's motivating to understand myself more, it gives me reasons to eat certain foods, to train in a certain way and to consider the amount of recovery I give myself.

I discovered that I have a high sensitivity to carbohydrates so it’s particularly important for me to be mindful of how much sugar and refined carbohydrates are in my diet. I found out my genetic predisposition for coffee metabolism; caffeine is an ergogenic aid in sport which means it could enhance performance if taken at the right time. The test highlights my predisposition towards power or endurance, and my predisposition to how fast (or not!) I recover after training.

READ MORE: I'll write more in the future but there's a nice article on Page 50 (September) of Runners World where they interview Ian Craig who was one of my sports lecturers at University and my own Nutritional Therapist for a number of years.

If you've already done a DNA Genetic fitness test then you should get in touch for an indepth nutrition analysis. The genetic test is part of the story, the other part is how your environment has interacted with your genes. By completing a health questionnaire and having a consultation we can really focus in on your goals and futher personalise your programme.

To discuss DNA Genetics tests for fitness or other scientific tests then please contact me via the Contact Form on the website.

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