Pure Taste: Restaurant Review

The UK's First Paleo Restaurant

I like eating out and really enjoy going to new restaurants, especially ones like Pure Taste. It’s in London and branded as the UK’s first Paleo restaurant. All of the food is GF and DF and they cater for NE, NN, SCD, Low Carb and Low FODMAP diets. If you don’t know what these are, then read on.

The Paleo diet means one where we eat like our ancestors, it’s based on the fact that we have the same genetic code as we did 1000’s years ago. It’s traditionally a sugar free diet although Pure Taste incorporates a few healthy sweeteners. The head chef is Holly Redman, a Nutritional Therapist who was one of my lecturers at university. I trusted that the food would be high quality and follow good nutritional principles.

Diverse Food Needs

I eat wheat free 99.9% of the time and gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) as much as I can, so it’s exciting to experience food based on these ideas. I’ve found that I’m healthiest and happiest this way and my family knows this is the case too! Gluten free is a lifelong necessity though for those with coeliac disease. There is also a recognised subset of people who experience non-coeliac gluten sensitivity reactions and both groups can eat in confidence because there's no gluten in the restaurant. Some people have to follow a low carbohydrate (Low carb) diet for medical reasons or choice, perhaps they have diabetes. Perhaps you know people with digestive concerns (IBS, Crohn’s or Colitis) or other health issues and they might be following the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate) diet or Low FODMAP (Fermentable Oligosaccharides Di-saccharides Mono-saccharide and Polyols) diet, or need to avoid specific allergens. Egg allergies are common (NE-no eggs), and vegan (VV) and vegetarians (V) have requirements which are also catered for. All these people are often met with difficulties, lack of choice or confidence when they eat out.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is easy to find on the Westbourne Grove Road, it’s slightly tight with all the tables in there and was full on a Saturday night so you’ll need to book. It has subdued lighting and simple décor with wooden tables and chairs, and bonket seating. All of the waiting staff were excellent. It was easy and very comfortable to ask questions, getting genuinely knowledgeable and friendly responses. If you have allergies or diet needs then this is the place to go, they understand and will guide you well.

The Food

While we were waiting for our starters my husband and I discussed what we’d call a restaurant if we opened one, he reckoned ‘Fussy Eaters!’ so I said I’d call mine ‘Discerning’. Cheeky. Swiftly moving onto the food, we shared garlic and rosemary gluten free focaccia dipped in olive oil and vinegar; my husband (no gluten intolerance) declared it ‘not bad’. Then compliments of the chef we got an amuse-bouche of garlic soup, this was delicious and I’m going to do some experimenting at home. It was creamy, not from milk but from almond milk. Garlic has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and heart beneficial properties so I recommend it as a regular in your diet. If it reacts with you then get in touch and we’ll discuss why this might be!

We had squid and pork cheek for starters, both were very tasty and generous in portion size. My main course was tasty rabbit three ways with carrot, kale and star anise. My husband had mackerel, beetroot, cucumber, horseradish and hazelnut. The mackerel had a beetroot puree (remember to drink your beetroot juice if you’re an endurance athlete!) and a light horseradish and hazelnut sauce. We had sides of broccoli and preserved lemons, and green beans and almonds. Both were nice ways to liven up vegetables and add some extra flavour and nutrients.

It was then time for dessert! This was a first, being able to choose from the whole dessert menu without wondering which had milk or gluten in them. I went for a Tonka bean cheesecake, a quick check of Wiki said that Tonka beans are good for the mood. I’m always keen on a bit of mood support so I went for this, especially as I knew I could share the chocolate lava cake and ginger ice-cream across the table….. We then ended with a coffee, my husband declined the offer of almond milk or coconut milk and took a neat espresso!

My Thoughts

It was well worth the visit and I highly recommend it if food confidence, quality and tasty food is important to you or your partner . This applies if you’re following a special diet or if you fancy something different. Our digestive process is negatively influenced by our stress levels. If you’re worrying about what you’re about to eat and if it might react with you then that’s not going to help the digestive process. Feeling good, eating socially and tasting good food is part of the digestive process. Both food confidence and taste were met at Pure Taste.

Joanne Hart of health & hart is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and can offer expert advice if you follow a special diet through necessity or choice. Many health imbalances that can be supported by nutrition. Find out more www.healthandhart.com where Joanne offers Nutrition & Resilience Programmes for Professionals & Athletes, releasing your inner potential…

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