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A few months ago I was at the launch of the This Girl Can campaign. Sport England’s Jennie Price said that research highlights that there are less women than men doing sport, and so the campaign was launched to get women exercising. The emphasis on doing more exercise is a great one and I love the fact that exercise doesn’t just mean doing a competitive sport – whoopee! Even yoga was in the news recently, linking it to positive benefits for heart health. Doing exercise undoubtingly helps with our moods, long term health, stress relief and social life. Plus it’s also a great excuse to shop because you have to get that new top, and those trainers will obviously make you fitter!

Now, I see a big missing gap…… the focus on a good diet to support these sport and exercise activities. The answer is exercise + good diet.

I love to work with clients who enjoy sport and exercise, the ultimate aim is to help with their performance. These are my ‘athletes’ and it’s ‘their performance’ I’m helping with nutrition. It might mean the ability to excel and win or the ability to have the energy or immunity to do another training run or class that week.

My clients (men too) range from under eating, over eating or not eating the right foods for their activities. Some have digestive niggles, stress issues, get recurrent colds or hormonal issues. It’s all so personalised that I know you’ll all want to eat something different and need something different.

I’ll leave you with one tip about food for exercise and that is to find out what the right type of carbohydrates are for your needs. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta, gluten free food, parsnips, carrots, butternut squash, grain free diets, bread, fruit juice, energy bars, oats, bananas, quinoa, beans, lentils, wholemeal rice....the list goes on.

Vary it, trial it and ask for help because This Girl Can help you find the answer!

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