Reboot 2021

Kick goodbye to 2020 and say hello to 2021!

4 week plan

Chill out, optimise energy and fuel your activities.

NEW! for 2021 With yoga and breathwork to chill out and help emotions.

  • Do you want to tackle your sugar cravings?

  • Want to get back on track after the Christmas excess?

  • Do you want more energy?

  • Are you ravenous for food and knowledge?

  • Are you carrying weight around your middle?

  • Do you want to eat a balanced diet?

  • Do you need a plan that fits around your sport and busy life?

  • Do you want to learn tools and strategies to help relaxation and resilience?

This Plan is for You.

I have designed this plan based on 60 second breakfasts, quick lunches, mix and match dinners and choices of carbohydrates based on your goals. It is simple and can be followed if you are busy working and training. It is for busy people who are ravenous for food and knowledge.

You will be signing up for an online group coaching programme and meal plan, yoga and breathwork from Joanne at Health & Hart at a considerable discounted rate.


  • Weekly guidance & coaching from me in the online Facebook group.

  • An easy, adaptable 14 day meal plan for week 2 and week 3, you can carry this into week 4 or start week 1 and repeat it if you want.

  • A shopping list and recipes for week 2 and 3

  • NEW Week 1 is Preparation Week and you'll get guidance on how to prepare for week 2 and 3

  • NEW Yoga classes - 20th, 27th Jan, 3rd Feb at 8pm (zoom - these are not recorded) - valued £27 alone!!

  • NEW Breathwork - will be added to the Facebook group (live session if you're free, or Facebook records it)

  • BONUS: There will be Q&A opportunities in the Facebook group

  • BONUS: There will be short expert videos in the Facebook group.

  • Starts Friday 15th Jan 2021 


Remember: Everything is optional, this is also about chilling out and resilience so be kind on yourself too!

This is not a Detox or Vegan Food Plan.


This is not a very Low Carb or High Protein diet.

This is not for aesthetic looks over health.


This is EASY and FUN.


This is not calorie counting or counting macros.

"Joanne shows dedication towards enhancing the nutrition and well-being of others. Through the recommendations she makes with regard to sports nutrition this becomes a reality.  Alongside her considerable scientific knowledge is her genuine desire to understand the needs of the individual. She provides food for thought and instils a desire to make positive changes. I thoroughly recommend her".

Bev Callender,

Olympic Athlete, Teacher & UK Athletics Coach

I have a First Class science degree in Nutrition as well as being a yoga teacher and member of a coaching organisation. I am skilled at working with groups and individuals, many of whom work and play hard.

If I'm honest, I was sceptical at the start because I already knew how to plan meals and planned everything for the week ahead each weekend. But the course far exceeded expectations and I'm really pleased I did it. Sometimes you can be told things but until you actually try them out consistently for multiple days, you don't realise that it actually will work........ I feel leaner, and I'm saving money because I'm eating less



Starts on 15th Jan


Email: (if payment issues)


1) You need a Facebook account to participate in the group and get the information.  

2) Sorry, no refunds once you have signed up.

3) To take part in the yoga you'll need to fill in a brief health form that I will send you once we start the programme, I need it returned at least 24hours before the yoga class.


· The information provided is general and has not been tailored to participants' individual underlying health concerns or any prescription medication they may be taking. You may book a personalised nutritional therapy consultation with me to consider further your individual needs in support of the group work.

· The information is for educational purposes and should not replace medical advice.

· If you have a diagnosed medical condition, you should consult a doctor before making any significant changes to your diet.