Professional Programmes

Nutrition based professional programmes are for anyone who is committed to a degree of self development to reach a goal, in this case a wellness or performance goal. For example: I have worked with senior and junior managers, nurses, coaches, yoga teachers, sales executives, personnel managers, engineers, fitness professionals, I.T. professionals, project managers, accountants and marketing executives. All of these people wanted to achieve more, and recognised the need to invest time and effort to achieve their goal.


Includes consultations, adrenal stress test and interpretation, food recommendations, supplement and scientific test recommendations, priority plan, choice of resilience training sessions. 

It's a bespoke programme tailored to your needs. To book please use the contact form.




Premium Professional Programme

3 or 6 Month Nutrition & Resilience programme

Includes consultations, food and lifestyle recommendations. Recommendations for professional supplements and scientific testing as needed.  To book please use the contact form.




1-1 Nutrition Consultation

Group Talks and Workshops.


Corporate talks and workshops.  CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training. Employee Wellbeing Days. Joanne has worked for global companies for 10+ years and can deliver wellbeing sessions in a way appropriate to your organisation, as well as undertaking regular CPD in the disciplines of nutritional therapy, yoga and coaching.


There are some examples on the Workshop page, or please contact me with your details.